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Susanne Forbes

My experience with Australian Quality Training, was a very positive one. I was quite apprehensive at the thought of starting a new career after being a nurse for nearly 40 years, but to study again, HELP!!! But help was just what I got , from my initial contact with Keith Lammond , my trainer , right through the learning process , to the end result , my certificate. My major concern, going in, was my poor computer skills but Keith went out of his way to assist me in every way with the patience of a saint! Keith as a trainer was very intent on ensuring that we not only took in the information that he presented, but also thoroughly understood and retained it. The dreaded “pop quiz” was a feared morning ritual that he inflicted upon us, but was also a gauge as to how we were understanding and retaining the very important aspects of working as a celebrant. Keith brought humour, experience, and light hearted commentary with him into the training room, to balance out the very serious nature of our studies. I looked at several training providers before choosing AQT, some of whom were cheaper, or seemed more convenient, but I went with my instinct and was very glad that I did. The one-on-one time and attention in a very small group was perfect for me. There was no embarrassment at asking the “dumb question” in a room full of strangers, or for that matter time wasted while many others asked their “dumb questions”. The venue was great, the food great, and the Training… Quality.