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Jill Player-Cotton – Civil Marriage Celebrant

I had just finished conducting my first wedding for about 150 people at a well known Sydney venue. The proprietor came up to tell me how much he liked the ceremony – it was wonderful, he said, one of the nicest that he had ever had at his venue. He went on to ask me: How many weddings do you do a year?
I confessed to him that he had just seen my first one. He seemed amazed, and said that he had presumed that I had “been a celebrant and doing weddings for years and years.”

The reason for that kind compliment was entirely due to the comprehensive and professional training I received from Australian Quality Training (AQT).

From the moment I placed the call and spoke with Keith Lammond at Australian Quality Training (AQT) to enquire about doing a Certificate IV in Celebrancy, I was impressed. My protracted search for a comprehensive and reputable course to become qualified as a civil celebrant was finally over.

My enquiries were greeted with professionalism and courtesy. My many questions regarding what was required and involved in order to complete the course were answered in full.
The five day face-to-face portion of the course was excellent. Course content was interesting, lively, and fun. It was also highly relevant, detailed, and comprehensive, covering just about every aspect of becoming a civil celebrant imaginable; from the various complex legal requirements, to interviewing techniques, to different cultural customs, to writing and performing wedding ceremonies.

Having a limit of six people per class enabled us to engage on a personal level, receive individual attention, and move at an intensive pace. Any and all questions were welcomed and answered.
The manuals supplied with the course are terrific resources for new celebrants, and have proven to be invaluable assets for my work.

Since becoming appointed, and as I continue to conduct more weddings and other ceremonies, it is wonderful to know that experienced, expert, advice is still available to me should I need it.
One of my classmates had travelled all the way from Victoria to do the course with AQT. We have remained in touch, and she still repeatedly remarks how glad she was to have done so, despite other options for study having been available to her at home in Melbourne.

Support for the ongoing individual course work required by students to do on their own was readily available. Contact with the instructor was encouraged. Any question or concern I had was clearly answered, and the response time was swift.

Subsequently, I chose to also complete the AQT course designed for preparing, writing, and conducting a funeral ceremony. This course was conducted with equal professionalism, compassion, and once again with comprehensive attention to information, performance, and detail.

The funeral course included a morning spent touring the facilities at Rookwood Crematorium, and an afternoon visiting and touring a funeral home where we performed mock funerals in their chapel..
For both courses it was required that each of us organize, prepare, write, and conduct a mock wedding or funeral ceremony – from meeting and interviewing  our “clients,” to learning their stories and needs. We were required to complete any required legalities or paperwork, and we were each filmed and recorded performing our ceremony.

The discussions afterward was enormously helpful; positive and constructive.
My experience training with AQT was rewarding and productive, and remains so to this day in my career as a civil celebrant.