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BSB51215 – Diploma of Marketing


The Diploma of Marketing program will provide you with professional training in all aspects of the industry and related fields. Learn about analysing markets, understanding market trends and brand management, you will become familiar with many facets of marketing such as conducting market research and interpreting market trends, developing a sales plan, conducting a market audit, using creativity for critical thinking and implementing marketing activities.In addition to specialised skills, this program will also develop the core skills that you need to succeed in the workforce. In this program you will specifically be given a range of opportunities to communicate, connect, and work with students from a range of backgrounds

Course Name: BSB51215 - Diploma of Marketing
Course Code: BSB51215
Course Duration: 12 months full time and 24 months part time
Training Plans: Diploma of Marketing

This qualification reflects the role of individuals working in a variety of marketing roles across different industry sectors who possess a sound theoretical knowledge base and demonstrate a range of managerial skills. Typically they would have responsibility for the work of other staff and lead teams in conducting marketing campaigns.


In accordance with the assessment process, students are to be fully briefed about the assessment. Prior to the assessment, the student is to be provided with a detailed briefing on all aspects of the assessment activity. Research project, written questions, Survey, Portfolio , project, Oral presentation Project, Written Report.

Entry Requirements:

There are no entry requirement forthis qualification,Communication skills. Language skills, Literacy, Numeracy and Writing skills competence required to fulfil the procedures of the organisation.

Qualification Requirements:

Elective units must be relevant to the work environment and the qualification, maintain the integrity of the AQF alignment and contribute to a valid, industry-supported vocational outcome

Units of Competence:
CodeUnit NameType
BSBMKG409 Design direct response offers Elective
BSBMKG501 Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities Elective
BSBMKG502 Establish and adjust the marketing mix Elective
BSBMKG506 Plan market research Elective
BSBMKG507 Interpret market trends and development Elective
BSBMKG514 Implement and monitor marketing activities Elective
BSBMKG515 Conduct a marketing audit Elective
BSBWRT501 Write persuasive copy Elective

Upon successful completion of the Diploma of Marketing you may further your studies in Advanced Diploma of Marketing