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Xiao Lian Lan

This course is very good and helps us a lot. We have understood a lot of things. We love studying here. We love the trainer very much as she explains very clearly. We appreciate the government very much for giving… Continue reading

Ruo Yun Jiang

I am studying at AQT college. I feel good and give me a lot of help for my future. The trainers are very kind and responsible. I feel happy with them. Thanks!

Chunci Wang

Dear college leaders, we have learned a lot at AQT, which will help us a lot in our future employment, further studying and living. Thanks to AQT to open this course and thanks to the trainer for her good responsibility.

Ming E Cao

I have learned lots of new knowledge and improved my English at AQT. I am very satisfied with the trainer and the interpreter for their helping me.

Hui Lan Zhong

Respectful trainer, I have learned a lot of knowledge that I didn’t know during this period of study at AQT. I will keep on studying hard and learn more. Thank you.

Ben Chen

The environment is very good at AQT. The trainer teaches very well. We have learned a lot of knowledge of this course, which help us greatly.

Souad Hussein

I am very comfortable and happy with the course at AQT. I am indeed very satisfied here. I learned many things and the trainers are very good in the way deal with us and effectively explain everything to us in… Continue reading

Mei Lian Tran

I am happy to study at AQT. It is helpful to me. The trainer teaches very well.

Eman Besanda

I would like to acknowledge how comfortable and safe, I feel at AQT. The group of trainers are very engaging and receptive to the students and the explanations in class are very sufficient and detailed. Truly I’ve felt very happy… Continue reading

Dai De Lu

Dear AQT, I think this course is very good. Our English level is just so-so. The trainer explains very clearly and patiently. We all love her. Many thanks!

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